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Thank you for your interest in my music.  Please see the information provided below in order to determine the best way to receive permission and/or a license to use a song:


If you are a commercial venture that would like to use a song in a television program, film, trailer, video game, or to promote your business, please forward your request for the composition to my publishing company, and for the master recording to Wendy Duffy at  


If you are an individual who has created a video that you would like to post to social media, you may do so by first posting the video to YouTube.  Once posted to YouTube, you may share the video by using the YouTube link to post to your other social media accounts.  You must also send the YouTube link to the following address:  We reserve the right to monetize the audio through the YouTube Content Management System.  Posting directly to any other social media platform is strictly prohibited, unless you receive a license to do so.


The approval granted above is given on a Most Favored Nations basis. The approval is contingent upon non-derogatory use towards song/artist and the song not being used in any video which would be considered inappropriate or containing adult content.  The use of the song shall not be deemed to include endorsement of any product, brand, service, or any cross-promotional advertisements, unless specifically approved in writing.


For any other type of license or questions, please email or check out the License Type and Description page located on my publisher’s website, CLICK HERE.

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